About Me

It’s always hard describing yourself, don’t you think?  There are a lot of labels I could stick on myself.  I’m a gamer.  I’m a geek.  I’m no longer quite thirty-something.  I’m mom to three little girls and the wife of a writer.  I’m obsessive.  I obsess over games and books regularly, and over movies and TV shows and music occasionally.

This site was originally intended to be writings about various artistic entertainment media (i.e. games, books, movies, TV,and music), though it seems it’s games that most often inspire me to write.  With three small kids, I find I don’t have time to write as much anymore, so I’ve changed this site to include all the other places I post and micro-blog around the web.

For games, I tend toward role-playing games, be those MMOs or standalone adventures.  For books, I mostly read fantasy and science fiction, though I’m also a fan of 19th century literature and the book equivalents of romantic comedies.  Speaking of romantic comedies, those seem to be my favorite type of movies.  I’ll even watch, and enjoy, bad ones.  I also like science fiction for my movies and my TV shows (even bad ones).  I am addicted to police procedurals, legal dramas, and medical dramas.

I’ve played MMOs nearly as long as there have been MMOs.  I have played WoW since beta though it seems to have reached its end with me.  Free to play games are where it’s at for me these days.  My playing tends to focus on questing and achievements (easier now that they’re actually in the game and I don’t have to make them up), but I do love five-man dungeons when I can find the time.  I used to RP heavily in game, but lately let it find me when it will.

And that’s all that.  It should at least be enough to let you know where my posts are coming from.  Hi!